The truth about the costs of accommodation

New Zealand’s Government says it is making accommodation more affordable.New Zealand’s Minister for Disability and Human Services, Paula Bennett, has released a new report on the country’s affordability.“Our Government is committed to ensuring people can get the most affordable accommodation available in the country,” Ms Bennett said.The report shows the average New Zealander is now […]

When you’re trying to find a place to live, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development has a trick to help you find an apartment: Get a voucher!

Answering the questions, and then figuring out the answers, of a prospective new tenant can be a challenge for many people.When it comes to finding housing, the United States is one of the few countries that doesn’t have a standardized system of housing vouchers that are available to every single individual.But in a world where […]

The man who helped put the blind in their wheelchair was also the one who found his wife missing

HANOVER, N.H. — A man who made sure a blind man was taken to his car and transported to his home for an extended stay has been named in a lawsuit.A Franklin County man was arrested and charged with child neglect in the death of his wife, who was found in a car after her […]

Why do some travellers get stuck in airport airport hotels

The government is to overhaul the way it allocates the cost of accommodation and help passengers who get stuck at airports to find cheaper accommodation.It will be introduced in a new national guide, which will outline the latest information on accommodation, travel and other travel services for travellers.The new national guidance will be released in […]