Canadian airlines get better seats for families as they try to keep costs down

AIR Canada has made some big changes to the way it seats families.

The airline announced a new policy to accommodate a wider range of groups with less space on board and offered a new way for families to get on board.

The new policy, announced Wednesday, also gives parents more flexibility to decide what seats they want for their children.

Airlines are making the changes after years of trying to make the system more affordable.

Last year, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers released a study saying families were spending more than $1 billion a year on airfare, which airlines are still trying to cut back on.

The association said the policy was “a significant step forward in helping airlines reduce their operating costs and increase revenue.”

The airline has said it’s trying to bring its operating costs down and reduce operating expenses by 10 per cent a year.

The policy change is a step in the right direction, said Mark Johnson, a senior vice-president at PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada.

“The more we can reduce the costs of flights for our customers, the more we’ll be able to offer them better seats and more flexibility,” Johnson said in an interview.

But airlines will have to get used to the new seats, he said.

Air Canada is one of the biggest carriers in North America, serving nearly 6.6 million passengers.

The Canadian Association for Civil Aviation, which represents airlines, said Wednesday that it will be working with the airline to make sure families are comfortable on the aircraft.

Some of the seats will be larger and more comfortable, the association said in a news release.

It’s a significant step in helping carriers reduce their operational costs and improve revenue.

Regan said the airline is making adjustments to accommodate more people, but the policy change won’t necessarily help families. “

It’s going to be a challenge to get them to fit into the aircraft seats.”

Regan said the airline is making adjustments to accommodate more people, but the policy change won’t necessarily help families.

We need to get the seats to fit a certain range of people, he added.

Johnson said it will take time for the changes to go into effect, but he expects the airlines to make adjustments as needed.

When we do get it into operation, it’s going be a big improvement,” he said, adding that the policy could be rolled out over the coming months.

The new policy means a seat on the plane will be more likely to be for a family of three.

As a result, a child can sit with the parent, and a parent can sit in a seat with a child of their own.

Passengers can now book seats in rows of three, four or five, with children and adults seated together.

Cabinets will be available for adults and children on the same flight, with space for more people and larger children.