Why is there no accommodation for the disabled?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has announced that it will not be providing a single accommodation for people with disability in the next 12 months.

This was announced by the ABS in its latest update of disability data, which is the latest it has published on the state of disability living standards in Australia.

The ABS said in the update that there are currently no more than five providers of disability accommodation in the state, and a total of 22,912 people have a disability in Australia, meaning that a further 12,400 people are eligible for an accommodation voucher.

The update did not provide an estimate of how many people would need accommodation to meet their needs, but said the total number of people needing accommodation could rise as more providers were added to the system.

This could be due to people needing more support, or a shortage of accommodation.

The announcement comes after the Federal Government announced a new $3.3 billion funding package for the Disability Discrimination Commissioner.

The Government said it would also allocate $4.4 billion for the Australian Disability Support Pension Scheme, which provides pension support for disabled Australians who receive disability support payments.