How to find a good apartment in Los Angeles

You might be surprised to learn that if you live in Los, there are a lot of different apartment types to choose from.

Here are the five most popular options in the region:1.

Apartment in the suburbs.

The most affordable and convenient choice in L.A. is the suburb in the Northridge neighborhood, which has a mix of high-end, mid-rise and low-end housing.

There are also some very affordable apartment buildings in the area, including a $1.3 million, 10-story apartment building that was built by developer Zuccotti Park in 2014.

It’s currently available for rent for $2,900 per month.

It sits right across from the USC campus and features a lot more amenities than you’ll find in a traditional apartment, including free parking.2.

Apartments in downtown L. Angeles.

L. A. is home to some of the largest concentrations of luxury apartments in the nation.

The Westside district is home by far to the most luxury apartment buildings and it’s one of the fastest growing areas of L.