How to get accommodation for your job when you have to move

You can apply for accommodation at a local accommodation facility, but this will depend on your situation.

Here are some tips to help you find the best accommodation for the job you’re looking for.


Get your job search started Get your first job search online using GetMyJob.

This free tool can help you get to know your local accommodation facilities and then help you choose a suitable accommodation facility.

This is especially helpful if you’re considering moving to Australia or New Zealand.


Check with your manager If you’re already employed, you’ll need to provide your employer with a valid document proving you’re still employed and your current address.

This can be a document like a work permit, a work card or your current passport.

If you don’t have a valid work permit or passport, you can also contact your employer’s local immigration office to verify that you are still employed.


Apply for accommodation online If you need to find accommodation online, it can be challenging.

Many accommodation providers offer this service, which is free and available to all Australians.

Here’s how you can find out how to get online.

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Go to the GetMyProfession site You can access the Get My Profession site, which allows you to search accommodation and jobs, and get advice about finding suitable accommodation for you.

You can also get more information about the job search site, such as the job openings, vacancies and other information.

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Click on the ‘Apply’ button You can then apply for the accommodation you’re interested in using the Get my Profession application.

If it’s successful, Get My Profession will contact your accommodation provider to find out whether you qualify for accommodation.

This usually takes between a few hours and a day, depending on the accommodation provider.

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Complete the application Once you’ve completed the GetmyProfession application, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to apply for a job.

You’ll then have the option to either pay the application fee or pay an application fee to secure the accommodation.

Once you pay the payment, GetMy Profession will contact you to arrange for accommodation for a certain time period.

For example, if you are interested in working at a restaurant, you may be able to arrange to have the accommodation in the restaurant within the first few days of work.

If this is not possible, you must pay an additional application fee for the next three months.


Book the accommodation online The Get My Job site has also been updated to allow you to book accommodation online.

To book accommodation, simply enter your email address and the details of your accommodation request and you will be directed to a booking form.

Once booked, the accommodation can be booked within three to five business days.

You will need to supply your accommodation number to confirm your booking.

The accommodation must be at least 12 months old to be eligible.

You may need to pay a deposit for accommodation accommodation.

You must have a copy of your work permit for the time period you are seeking accommodation, or have your visa cancelled.

You should also bring proof of your current work permit to show that you have a work visa.


Book online If your request for accommodation is successful, the GetMYProfession website will contact GetMyManager to provide a job posting for you and the accommodation facility you are applying for.

The job posting will be created within 24 hours, and will be available to the public.

The employer will then contact GetMYManager to arrange the accommodation accommodation for both you and your new employer.

If your employer agrees to provide accommodation, you should also confirm this before the start of the job hunt.


Check accommodation availability online Get My Manager will check the availability of accommodation available in the local area and provide you with an application form that you can use to book your accommodation online within three days.

Once your application is approved, GetMY Manager will email you a booking confirmation email.

You and your employer will need this confirmation email to confirm the availability and availability of your new accommodation.


Check the accommodation availability You can check the accommodation available online at the website, where you can search for accommodation near you.

This site also has an option to check availability of hotels and motels.

If there are no accommodation options near you, you have the choice of searching in another location.


Book accommodation online You can book your new job online using the Apply for a Job online service, available to Australians only.

You need to have a job offer to be considered for accommodation in Australia.

For more information on applying for a new job, click here.


Book a job online to book a new accommodation Once you book your job online, you need a job application form.

This will provide information on your application, including details about your accommodation and how long you’ll be staying.

This application form is also available online to all applicants.

The form should be completed within four to six weeks of