Les gets accommodation in hospital, get disability accommodation

A woman who needs accommodation in a nursing home has found her way to the hospital, where she’s getting help.

Gillian Moulton-Howe, who suffers from a rare disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, has been in a care home since she was 12.

She says she suffers from anxiety and depression.

“It’s very difficult to live with this kind of thing,” Ms Moultons-Howes said.

“The staff there are fantastic, but I just really need help.”

They do everything they can to help me.

“Ms Moults-How, who is unemployed, is on a fixed income of $10,000 a month.

The $1,500 she needs for a place to stay can’t be paid back, so she has turned to her neighbours in the community to pay for the accommodation.”

I have to find people to get accommodation,” Ms T-How said.

Gianni Nardi, who lives in the neighbouring community of Rochdale, said Ms Mouls-How is one of the most beautiful people he has ever met.”

She’s very compassionate and a lovely person,” he said.

The Government says it has more than 10,000 people on disability living in care homes and is committed to ensuring all of them are able to access a place of safety and dignity.”

All our local authorities, our state and territory government, have been working hard to help these families and these families are getting support, we have more than 12,000 eligible people living in nursing homes,” Acting Prime Minister Mark Speakman said.

He said it was vital the Government made sure there was more funding available to local authorities to fund care homes.”

There are some people who have a disability and are eligible for help, and they are able-bodied,” Mr Speakman told ABC Radio National.”

We need to support those people so they can be able to get support.

“The Government is working with local authorities around the country to make sure the system works and provides support for people with disabilities.

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