Which players get the best accommodation?

Players get accommodation when they attend games, but what happens if a player has to travel and play other games on the road?

The players association has a new website called “LIVE LIVE” that will show which players are accommodated when they’re travelling, so you can track which players have the best seats.

In this case, it’s the Nashville Predators who get the most accommodation in terms of the number of people they get to play on the ice.

The team has nine players who get accommodation.

The Predators were the only team to play two games at the SAP Center in 2017, the first time that happened in NHL history.

That included a three-game road trip to face the New Jersey Devils in the second round of the playoffs.

It’s possible that Nashville was just lucky.

The Preds have been playing the best hockey of their lives and had a lot of fans that had to travel to see them.

It was the only time that they played two games in a row and that meant they had to play the game in Nashville.