When do you get your first accommodation?

When do I get my first accommodation?, ask the interviewer to define this term.

The key here is that you’re talking about the moment when you start living a new life, rather than the beginning of the next life, so it’s important to choose the right question to ask.

You can get your accommodation early in life by being young, unmarried, single, or in a relationship.

The first accommodation you get will be based on your current circumstances.

You might be asked to leave the house, buy a house, or move in with your parents.

The term ‘second accommodation’ may be used when you’re young, married, or single.

It’s an accommodation that you get once you’ve settled down and moved into your new place of residence.

You could also be asked if you’d like to have your own apartment.

‘Third accommodation’ can mean an extra room, a bigger bed, a private toilet or shower, a better kitchen, or a more comfortable bathroom.

If you have an apartment, you’ll also get a car, as well as other utilities and furnishings, such as clothes, furniture and other household items.

‘Fourth accommodation’ is usually a bigger house, but you might be able to afford to move into it.

‘Fifth accommodation’ means you can rent a room or two at a higher rate.

You’ll probably also need to pay more for your own room, as you’ll need to rent a bigger flat, as these rooms are not usually included in rent.

If a rental agreement requires you to pay for a ‘bedroom’, you’ll usually have to pay extra for the room, too.

‘Sixth accommodation’, which can mean more accommodation, is a new home.

You don’t need to be married or single to get it, but if you’re single or you’re married to someone who is, then you should have it.

Your new home will be your new home, and you’ll probably have to share it with your partner or with someone else who will help you get along in the new life you’re about to embark on.

You may need to get permission from the council to have the new house or the other housing.

You should get a landlord’s agreement if you want to have a new room, but they can be expensive and they’ll need the consent of the landlord before they’ll grant it.