Which refugees get accommodated in Lebanon?

Lebanon has seen a steady increase in the number of refugees arriving in recent weeks, with some arriving by boat to the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Turkey and Syria.

The UNHCR says over the past two weeks, more than 800,000 refugees have arrived in Lebanon, while many more have already arrived in the neighbouring Arab countries of Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

The UN refugee agency says some of those refugees have already been given housing, but that the number could climb as some people who were already in the country are staying there.

Lebanon is now the fourth largest country in the world after Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of the number who have fled to neighbouring countries, according to UNHCR figures.

In the past month, some 6,000 Syrian refugees have crossed into Lebanon to seek refuge.

More than 50,000 Syrians have also been resettled in Lebanon over the course of the past five years.

A UNHCR spokesperson said they would be given more time to settle in Lebanon once they are able to access legal aid and legal advice.

The Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon has been set up in a refugee camp near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

The refugee camp is currently housed in a tent city in the centre of Beirut, with people living in makeshift shelters in the area.

The camp has become a hub for refugees, and the UNHCR has been helping to provide them with a place to live and medical care.

However, the refugee camps in Lebanon are still extremely overcrowded, with nearly 1,000 people living there.

The United Nations has been providing humanitarian assistance to refugees living in the camps for more than two years.

“We will try to provide as much help as we can to these people,” the UNHCR spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

“But we need to be prepared for the next influx of people, as the next wave of refugees, if they continue to arrive, will be in the refugee camp.”