How to get into a homeless shelter

Posted June 25, 2018 07:51:00 The number of people staying in homeless shelters in the United States has doubled since the year 2000, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Homeless people have been increasingly turned away from shelters, said John J. Bursch, chief executive of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, a nonprofit advocacy group.

That trend began to change during the recession, but it has not gone away, Bursk said.

“I think it’s still happening,” he said.

For a time, shelters were filled with homeless people.

But the number of homeless people who live in them has grown from a few hundred a year to thousands.

The number living in shelters has tripled since 2000, while the number who are in shelters decreased from roughly 200,000 to less than 100,000, Binsch said.

Many shelters are run by nonprofits, which provide temporary housing for people who are homeless.

Binscough said shelters can be a place for people to gather and meet other people, but “the problem is there’s not a lot of social connections.”

Bursck said many shelters also are used as a dumping ground for trash.

“That’s what’s happening,” Burscht said.

While homelessness remains an issue for many Americans, Bensch said many people in the country are not aware of how the homeless crisis is affecting them and others.

“People are still in denial,” he added.

The United States spent $9 billion in 2015 to help homeless people, according a study from the U,S.

Census Bureau.

That amount has increased to $21 billion this year.

“We’re not seeing a lot more in terms of progress in ending homelessness,” Binschesaid.

“It’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

There are many solutions out there.”

The federal government has also been working on a plan to end homelessness.

Benschesaid the plan is meant to help people move away from their homes.

The plan calls for more housing and supports services for those who are housed, as well as more money to help other homeless people in need.

For more information on homelessness, visit the U’s website.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.