You can get a FREE apartment if you’re an Airbnb guest – Geto Kogen

Got a free apartment in Gotland?

If you are looking to get a home in Gotlands capital city, you can do so by signing up for a GetoKogen accommodation.

There is a free monthly apartment fee and a flat rate of $3,500 a month.

Read moreGotland has become a hotbed for people looking to rent out their accommodation.

It is the third largest rental market in the country, after Stockholm and Helsinki, according to the Swedish Council for Regional Development (Rakkert).

The government has set up a new unit rental scheme called GetoBridal to help the homeless.

Geto Bridal has set aside $25 million to help people who are looking for a new place to live. 

There is a small apartment available in the city center, with a 2-bedroom flat available for rent for $3.25 a night.

Geta is also running a GetaBridale (get free apartment) scheme to help those who want to rent a home.

The scheme is open for anyone who has been staying in a hostel, guesthouse or guesthouse with other guests.

GetoKotenAuckland and Auckland University of Technology have teamed up to create Geto Koten, which aims to make it easier for people to rent and buy their own homes.

Get Koten has partnered with the Auckland Council to give people who rent or buy their homes a free property and a roof over their head.

The program will be running from August and it is the first time that Geto has set one of its programs in Auckland.

The first 10 homes will be created through Geto’s GetoAuckland program. 

New Zealand has a long history of housing refugees and asylum seekers, and it has been hailed as the best country in the world to be a refugee.

It also has the most refugees per capita in the developed world.

The country has also had a surge in asylum seekers in recent years, with almost 500,000 arriving in 2015, up from about 200,000 in 2013.

In 2016, it welcomed nearly 200,500 asylum seekers to New Zealand. 

Auckland’s housing market is highly dependent on property.

Many of its housing estates are owned by foreign companies.

Many people are renting out their homes for the first couple of months after they arrive.

A lot of those properties have a lot of mould and are very poor, and that means they have limited access to clean water and sanitation, and also a lot less air quality.