Trump promises to put an end to discrimination in the workplace

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday promised to put “an end to the discriminatory practices” that have kept women and minorities out of the workplace.

Trump’s victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November made the country the most diverse in decades.

But women have long been an under-represented group at the workplace, with only about a third of full-time workers of color in 2016.

Trump and his team have pledged to make the country a “better place” for women.

In a speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Trump said: “We will end the discrimination that has made it so hard for women and men of all backgrounds to rise to the highest levels of American business.”

But the president-elect has made some promises on women’s rights that he hasn’t yet fulfilled.

Trump is also promising to protect women from harassment, sexual assault and violence, but he has yet to make clear which specific policies he would put into effect.

He has previously said he would “drain the swamp,” but a Trump transition team statement said the administration would “begin the process of eliminating the revolving door between government and private industry, and establish a commission to look into the problems of unaccountable private-sector practices.”

Trump also has promised to eliminate the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

But he has not yet provided details on how he would make it happen, or how he will ensure that the minimum wage increases meet his pledge to eliminate it altogether.

He also has not promised to guarantee equal pay for women in the private sector.

He has previously called women “dogs” and has said that women who have an abortion should be punished.