GOP calls for an end to the NDAA to help those who are suffering

Republicans are calling for an immediate end to President Obama’s indefinite detention and indefinite detention without charge or trial provisions of the NDIA.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) released a statement on Monday urging Congress to repeal the controversial legislation.

“The NDAA has caused an immense amount of pain to American families, veterans, and law enforcement,” Ryan said.

“These provisions are a blatant violation of our constitutional rights and are an affront to American values.”

Ryan’s comments came as he continued to make the case for the legislation in his weekly address.

“I’ve been working on this issue since last January,” Ryan told reporters in an exclusive interview with Fox News on Monday.

“There’s no doubt that it’s an issue that is very important to me and I’ve been fighting on this for a long time.”

Ryan said he supports the idea of ending the NDA in its current form.

But, he noted that he’s been fighting for months to have Congress end the indefinite detention provisions, which allow the president to detain American citizens for up to five years without charge and without charges being presented to a court.

“So we’re just trying to get this legislation to the floor so that we can get this done,” he said.

Ryan also said that the Senate will have to vote on ending the indefinite detainment provision by December to pass the legislation.

The House bill would end the provision with a simple majority, with Vice President Mike Pence as the sole member to vote against the bill.

“It is time to end the NDAs indefinite detention policy,” Ryan continued.

“We should be taking care of our veterans and our veterans should be cared for.”

He said he hopes that the NDGA legislation would also include measures to stop the administration from using its powers to detain US citizens without charges.

The president has continued to defend the indefinite detentions, even after his administration announced that it would end them, saying the US is no longer at war and the government should not be abusing its powers.

Ryan told Fox News that the president is not wrong.

“He’s absolutely right.

We are no longer in war,” Ryan responded.

“That’s not going to change,” he added.

“But I do think that the law has to change.

I think it has to be reformed to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

He also said the president needs to take responsibility for the indefinite-detention provisions, saying he should have been more forceful in explaining the purpose of the detention.

“When he’s saying that he has this authority to detain, it’s really because he thinks that we are at war.

That’s not what it’s about.

That doesn’t make any sense.

That is not our fight,” Ryan concluded.