How to find a good accommodation in Sydney

Here are five tips for finding a great hotel accommodation in the CBD, where there’s a lot to do, eat and drink.1.

Check first You’ll want to check with your hotel about what’s available before booking.

If you’re in the city, look for the ‘Hotel’ tab.2.

Look for what you like You can search for a specific accommodation type or room type, like an ‘Auxiliary Room’, ‘Private Room’, or ‘Full Bedroom’.

If you want a room with a big backyard, look at ‘Outside Room’.3.

Check the prices If you search for an accommodation with a ‘Hotels’ tab, there are often many options for you to choose from.

Look out for a listing that offers ‘Free Wi-Fi’, or a ‘Free Breakfast’.

You can even browse by price, which can tell you how much you’ll pay if you end up staying there.4.

Book online You can book online, which is a great way to find cheaper accommodation in your area.

Search by date of entry, time of booking and location.5.

Check what’s on offerIf you’re looking for an ‘Outdoor’ room, look to see what the staff and customers are doing at a particular place.

Look to see if the area is popular with the public.

If so, there’s likely to be a lot of people walking around and drinking.

Look at how people interact and how well you can understand them.

If you want to eat out, it’s important to try and find restaurants nearby, and book a table.

If the food is good, and you enjoy it, you might end up having the best meal.

But if you’re staying for the night, you’ll want some quality time together.

If the place has no food, look out for what the baristas have to say.

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