Parisian apartment seekers are facing homelessness

Parisians are being asked to relocate to other cities to help them cope with the climate change crisis.

The French government says the Parisian region will receive a new, “cleaner, greener” city, with the help of more people.

In Paris, residents are being urged to move into more cities in the south of the country and in the north, with many saying it will mean more jobs, higher wages and better living conditions.

The region has experienced record-breaking heat in recent weeks, prompting the Paris government to announce a plan to relocate 1.4 million people to shelters in the southern city of Villejuif, and the northern town of Seine-Saint-Denis, which is home to more than 500,000 residents.

Residents in the region are being advised to take part in a “tipping” campaign, where they will be encouraged to buy expensive tickets to move to another city.

In addition to Paris, other regions are getting new arrivals.

In the central region of Vienne, which covers the area around the city of Tours, a group of 10 residents have already moved to a new apartment building.

The group is expected to stay until October, with rents starting at 200 euros ($235).

In the western Paris suburb of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, residents of a hotel are being told to leave.

The owners are asking for help from the local council to ensure their safety.