Le Gautier: ‘I will never forget’ when his team were beaten by France in France’s World Cup final

Le Gaux, France – August 14, 2020: A couple of days after France were eliminated from the World Cup by Argentina, the young forward made a statement on social media.

“I’m very, very proud,” said the 21-year-old after his side’s 2-1 defeat.

“It was a beautiful moment.

I didn’t want to lose, but we did.

The fans, they gave me the biggest hugs, and I felt a bit of relief.”

The young forward, who was born in Lille, and his family arrived in France for the tournament at the start of January, but they did not have the time to celebrate as they were picked up by the authorities.

“We’ve been waiting for months,” he said.

“We’re all very happy that it happened, but the problem was the time we had to stay in France.

We have to go back to the States.

We can’t get a visa.”

Le Gautiers father Jean-Claude is from the northern town of Saint-Gilles, and he had been expecting to go to a soccer match with his sons, but was told they would have to stay with relatives.

“After we got the news, we had the same thoughts, like I told my boys.

I was so happy that we could do something for each other,” he told the Associated Press.

The Gauters are currently living in a hotel in the French city of Marseille, but are expected to travel to the United States soon.

The club says it will be taking the young men to the US, and will provide them with accommodation.

Le Gaultier is expected to receive some money for the trip.